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We are looking for volunteer coaches for every Recreational team.

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No previous experience needed, we will provide coaching education and training sessions to use for practices.

50% discount on your player. Information regarding details on registration link.

We value all our Volunteers!!!

Coaches Corner

Coaches corner is where we provide developmentally appropriate soccer curriculum, training sessions, and helpful tips for working with young athletes.  Our professional staff will mentor and provides all the tools our volunteers will need to have a successful coaching experience.  We will provide the necessary amount of support for new and experienced coaches so that our players and families will find value in the program.

For Coaching Support, Contact:

Lori Lee

Coaching Advisor

Spring Soccer Homepage

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Welcome to ACYSO Recreational Soccer Registration Page:

  • Dates- Start March 4, 2024
  • Practices - Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday
  • Games - Friday
  • Playoffs & Awards for Older Age Groups

Sign Up Today For The Early Bird Special 

U4-U8 (2016-2019) $165 Ends Jan 1st 2024

U9-U12 (2012-2015) $185 Ends Jan 1st 2014

Uniforms are good for one year (Spring and Fall)


Regular Season Prices

U4-U8 (2016-2019) $235

U9-U11 (2012-2015) $265

Pricing:  fee includes the uniform for new players. 

Recreational Soccer is open to all skill sets, no previous playing experience needed.

For questions regarding our Recreational program please email:


US Soccer Age Matrix

AGE GROUP 2022 - 2023 2023 - 2024
U5 2018 2019
U6 2017 2018
U7 2016 2017
U8 2015 2016
U9 2014 2015
U10 2013 2014
U11 2012 2013
U12 2011 2012

Soccer Ball Sizing Chart

U5 - U8 Size 3
U9 - U12 Size 4


Why Choose ACYSO Q&A?

1. Does my child need soccer experience in order to play in the ACYSO Youth Soccer League?

Not at all.  Our league accepts players of all skill and experience levels.

2. How old does my child have to be to participate?

All children falling into the age categories of Under 5 (U5) - Under 12 (U12) are eligible to play.  Please refer to the age chart on this page to see where your child falls.

3. Where does the league hold practices and games?

All games and practices are held at our facility (Alamo SportsPlex) at 7440 FM 1560 here in San Antonio.  We've proudly served the Northwest San Antonio area since 1978.

4.  When are practices and games?

Each team will get two practices per week on either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday, and the games will be on Friday.  Although some leagues do practice and a game on only one day each week for convenience, you actually get more for your money with our format.  Not only is the financial value better but players are getting exercise and socialization more than one day/week.  

5.  Does my child get a uniform?

Yes, uniforms are included in the registration fee and will be handed out in time for the first game.

6. How do I know what team my child is on?

As we get closer to the first week, you'll see updates on the website letting you know when teams will be formed.  Once formed, players/parents will be contacted with their coaches information, practice time and field, and all other relevant information.

7. Can my child play on a team with a friend?

Yes, when you register you can request to be placed with a coach or with another player/players.  For those not requesting we will form teams based on the location of the child's home/school w/the goal of bringing people together with others in their immediate community.

8. I've heard people talk about club this a soccer club?

ACYSO is a youth sports organization that provides a variety of sports and wellness activities.  We do not operate a soccer club but we do have soccer clubs that rent fields at our complex.  Soccer clubs are typically year round programs with licensed/paid coaches and whose team compete in a variety of travel leagues.  Club soccer can typically cost between $2,000 - $15,000 per year for a player depending on the club/league/etc.  These figures take into account the club fees, travel fees, and additional events throughout the year that aren't typically included in the club fees.

Our youth league is an in-house league and fees are significantly less.  The main reasons for the price difference are that we utilize volunteer coaches, and don't have league/tournament dues/entry fees or travel expenses.  

9. What if my child gets a coach that doesn't know soccer?

The thing we do differently than most comparable leagues, is that we educate our coaches prior to the season on the developmental focus of the age groups they'll be coaching.  We also provide a curriculum and hundreds of age appropriate training sessions along with instructions of how to run them, coaching points to use, and what to look for as the players learn new skills and topics.  Our professionally licensed staff will observe and ensure that the players are getting the best instruction possible.  

10. Does my child need to bring anything to practice and/or games?

For practices and games, players will need to wear soccer shin guards (under their socks, not on the outside of the socks), bring enough water to keep them hydrated throughout their activities, and an age appropriate soccer ball (see soccer ball size chart on the website).  Additionally, players should wear their uniform for games.

11. Do you keep score during games?

Older age groups will have scores/standings kept, league champions will be crowned, medals will awarded, and confetti will rain down from the heavens.  All of this is true minus the confetti...
For specific age related information, please see the league pages for your child's age group.  *League pages need to be rebuilt from season to season so if it's not visible, admin's will have it up shortly as registration launches*

12. How much does it cost to register my child?

U5 - U8:  $235
U9 - U12:  $265
Occasionally we'll offer special pricing so be sure to follow us on social media for the announcements.


We are a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the well-being of the people we serve.  Our vision is to create joyful, inclusive, empowered communities through organized sports and wellness

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